Terms And Conditions


I Agreement

  1. These regulations govern the principles of providing charging services for electric or hybrid vehicles by Plugpay Sp. z o. o. The Regulations are published on our website and in the Application. You can find more information about our company in the footer below.
  2. With registration (as our registered customer) you gain access to our charging services at any time. You also get access to our customer support services and can use our price lists.
  3. We assume that by using our charging services, you accept the provisions of our regulations applicable to the service at the charging point and at the time of service provision.
  4. Before using charging services at a given charging point, log in to our mobile application (App) to obtain information about applicable prices, authentication methods or other terms of our service.
  5. You must register in our Application, which will enable you to use our services.
  6. As a registered customer, you gain access to customer service, which is provided mainly electronically, in particular you have the ability to change the contract and your data electronically, initiate and end charging and submit complaints.
  7. We create a customer account for you, where you will find information and functions related to the use of charging services.

II Network of chargers

  1. We provide access to charging services provided by various entities through a network of charging points. These include chargers owned and operated by roaming partners.
  2. Our customers have access to charging services in the networks of other operators in Poland and abroad (roaming partners) without the need for additional registration. These charging points operate under the brands of roaming partners, but the service provided through them is provided by us.
  3. Charging at roaming partners’ points may be provided based on special prices or other service conditions. Check the information in our Application on how to authenticate at the roaming partner’s charging point.
  4. You are obliged to comply with the terms of use of the roaming partner’s charging points established by the roaming partner for users of these points.
  5. Charging points in the roaming partner networks available to you are displayed in our App.

III Services

  1. You can use the charging services at any time, depending on the current availability of the charging point. Our services may include booking or other options for managing your charging service.
  2. Please disconnect your vehicle from the charging point and leave the parking space as soon as the vehicle is charged to make it available to other customers. The time needed to connect the vehicle to our charging points may be included in the price of the service.
  3. Due to the specific technical conditions of providing charging services, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted or failure-free operation of all our charging points or the ability to fully charge the vehicle. The availability of charging points may be limited by our partners for other reasons beyond our control, or for repair or maintenance purposes.
  4. You can check the current availability status of our charging points on our website
  5. You are bound by the operating instructions posted at charging points and other technical, operational or safety rules applicable to the use of our services, including our Application. All these regulations are located at charging points.
  6. You must not damage charging points or use them in a manner inconsistent with applicable regulations and operating instructions.
  7. You should protect your access data and means of authentication against loss or misuse by third parties. We will block the possibility of authentication at your request, but you will still be obliged to cover the amount due for services provided until blocked.

IV Payments

  1. The charging services we provide are paid services.
  2. Our prices include various price components, rates and terms of use (rate plans). As part of our tariff plans, we can also offer plans with monthly fees.
  3. You can choose one of our tariff plans available to you. If you do not select a tariff plan or for any other reason there is no tariff plan available for you, the charging session will be billed according to the standard price list of the roaming partner.
  4. The pricing conditions for our services, including the rules for using our tariff plans, are set out in the price list published on our website. The price at the indicated charging points is made available only via our Application.
  5. To obtain information about the price applicable to a specific charging point, log in to our Application.
  6. We reserve the right to change the prices of tariff plans. We will inform you in advance. It also applies to changes (including termination of use) of our tariff plans.
  7. We offer our customers various discounts, promotional programs, free services at selected loading points, as well as other special benefits. To take advantage of promotions intended for you, check in particular our price list, information on our website and information in our Application and subscribe to our newsletter.
  8. Our price list may contain prices for other services and products (such as RIFD media). The principles of charging fees for these services are the same as in the case of payments for charging services.
  9. The price for each charging session becomes due upon termination. Price components that are not associated with a specific charging session (such as a monthly fee) are due at the beginning of the period to which they apply. We may postpone payment deadlines to a later date (e.g. the end of the day or calendar month). Information about this can be found on our website, and we will inform you about changes by e-mail.
  10. We will inform you of the amounts due at the latest when payment is due. We will bill our services using an electronic invoice. We may issue an invoice after the payment deadline, in which case the invoice issuance deadline does not constitute grounds for deferment of payment. Detailed rules in this regard are presented in our price list.
  11. We have the right to suspend the provision of further charging services in the event that you have not paid for our services by the due date.

V  Forms of payment

  1. In order to use our services, it is necessary to provide us with the ability to collect payments for charging services using a payment card via our Application. For this purpose, (i) it is necessary to provide us with information regarding your valid payment card, (ii) the card must be pre-authorized by the bank that issued it, (iii) your consent to the storage of card details by the payment service provider and its use is necessary by us to settle payments for charging services and for other services and products offered by us during the term of the framework agreement, and (iv) you should maintain sufficient funds and take other actions to enable payments from the card within the required period (e.g. that the card is not blocked so that you have a sufficient limit for e-commerce transactions).
  2. If we make more payment methods available to our customers on our App, you may replace your card payment with another payment method under the conditions specified by us.
  3. In order to use our services, it is necessary to meet the conditions set out in §5 point 1 during the entire duration of the framework agreement.
  4. During the registration process, we may temporarily debit funds from your card. We can also reserve funds on your card before each charging session begins. Information about the rules in this regard is provided in the price list.
  5. By providing your payment card details to the payment service provider, you agree that our company is authorized to initiate payments from your card for the recharging services provided on the dates and amounts established in accordance with the general terms and conditions and price list of our company, your pricing plan taking into account our discounts or other special conditions agreed with you during the term of the framework agreement. The authorization equally applies to payment for other services or products provided by us at your request. The above provision includes the right for us to initiate a number of payment transactions, both for fixed and variable amounts (such as recurring transactions, future transactions including prepayments, authorization or confirmation transactions and installment transactions). We will refund all payments that have not been made. made pursuant to your authorization or in respect of which we decide or agree with you to refund the amount (or part thereof) after payment. If the authorization amount is debited from your account, it will be refunded immediately. We initiate reversals, corrections, and cancellations of your transaction as necessary to ensure it complies with your authorization. Your authorization includes the right for us to store your card credentials (the payment token assigned to your card by the payment service provider storing your card information; excluding your card details) and to use this information to initiate transactions under your authorization above. Your authorization relates to a specific card, provided that card details are stored with your payment service provider. The authorization expires when your card details are deleted or your framework contract with us expires. By providing your card details to a payment service provider, you agree that the payment service provider stores your card details so that payment transactions can be completed in the future.
  6. A payment by payment card is deemed to have been made when the payment service provider provides us with information that your account has been debited. In all other cases, the amount due will only be deemed paid once it has been credited to our account.
  7. The types of cards accepted, deadlines and other conditions or restrictions applicable to card payment services are determined by the relevant financial institutions (such as payment service provider, issuing bank, card organizations). Payment details are presented on the website of our payment partner.
  8. In the event of a failed card payment, you are responsible for ensuring that all amounts due are paid promptly by accessing the card details and payment functions in your customer account on our App or by bank transfer.
  9. The provisions of this article apply equally to other payment methods used by you.

VI Electronic communication

  1. You can find information about the terms and conditions of our charging services in our App. These regulations and our price list are available at https://1ev.app in a form that allows you to download, save, copy and print them. In matters related to the contract and services, we communicate with you using the e-mail address and telephone number that you provide to us and using the Application.
  2. You can contact us using our contact email address, telephone number and our App. You purchase our services electronically. You can change or terminate them electronically in all cases provided for in these regulations and price list.
  3. You may not send illegal content, offensive content, misleading information, or content that contains viruses or that may cause disruption or damage to computer systems.

VII Customer data

  1. Correct customer information is essential to our cooperation. To use our services, you must provide your identification and contact details and keep them updated. You are also obliged to confirm this data upon our request.
  2. Personal data protection is ensured in accordance with applicable personal data protection regulations. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy published on our website and in the Application.

VIII General provisions

  1. Our language of communication and contract may be Polish or English.
  2. By registering, you enter into a framework agreement with us regarding charging services, which is provided in accordance with the following regulations and price list. To complete your registration, you must complete the registration form in our App and agree to the terms and conditions of our charging services.
  3. The registration form contains features that can detect certain errors, such as checking that you have entered all mandatory details or that your email address and phone number are in the correct format. If possible, we will inform you of the nature of the error, but you must make the correction yourself.
  4. Your framework contract is concluded for an indefinite period.
  5. Remember that in order to use the charging services, you must comply with the obligations arising from our regulations and our price list.
  6. We store the current version of your contract(s) and may provide them to you at any time upon your request.
  7. The contract(s) between us is governed by Polish law.
  8. Any disputes that may arise in connection with your contract(s) will be resolved by Polish courts.

IX Amendments

  1. We reserve the right to define and introduce changes (including termination) of the regulations, our price list, registration form, customer account, customer service offer, Application, our technical regulations and any other elements falling within the scope of our activities.
  2. Reasons for changing these terms and conditions may include (i) changes in applicable regulations or requirements from competent authorities, (ii) changes in external factors relevant to charging and electromobility services (such as technology or market developments), and (iii) changes in our internal conditions (such as the cost investments or new business solutions).
  3. We will inform you about changes to the regulations at least 14 days in advance. If you do not agree to the amended terms and conditions of our services, you may stop using them and terminate the framework agreement with immediate effect.
  4. If you start using the charging service after the amended terms and conditions come into force, you are deemed to have accepted the new terms and conditions.

X Termination of the Agreement

  1. We have the right to suspend (or postpone the provision of) our charging services if (i) you breach your obligations to us or (ii) in cases where you fail to take steps required of you as a condition of receiving the services, (iii) this is required under applicable law regulations.
  2. Each party may terminate the framework agreement (i) due to a breach of the obligations of the other party by terminating the agreement with effect from the date of delivery of the notice or (ii) regardless of the reason by giving notice, with a notice period of at least 15 days, effective at the end calendar month, with termination by us only for important reasons, in particular technical obstacles or legal changes.
  3. As a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving a reason.

XI Date of validity

  1. These regulations were issued on July 20, 2022. and enters into force on July 20, 2023.